– Our holiday cards

I get asked a lot of questions about my personal choices as a photographer…about gear, prints, holiday cards etc. I will be doing a post about each but thought I would start with our holiday cards.

As a photographer, color means a lot to me. I have found that has the best and most true color printing. Not to mention, they have a super easy website, their cards are customizable and they have a ton of choices! Here was our final result this year. Please excuse the poor performance of my scanner. The black writing on the side was silver foil pressed, SO pretty!

Minted has a whole slew of awesome products, not just holiday cards. They just launched a new Save the Date line that I am drooling over! It’s impossible to really see how gorgeous the foil is online, it’s breathtaking in person! Wedding photogs, you have to share these with your clients!

The other thing I am totally in love with is their art shop. Custom, limited edition, independent…all types of gorgeous art work. I can’t wait to order some of these for my home.

I highly recommend you check out and see what they have to offer!


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